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Is Fairley House Right for my Child?

As a parent, it can be daunting or unclear where to go or what to do when your child is falling behind their peers at school. This is almost always accompanied by pupils’ suffering a lack of confidence, loss of motivation and low self-esteem. Fairley House is here to help.

We have 40 years of experience in identifying the needs of children with specific learning differences (SpLD), and then removing their barriers to learning, releasing their talents and enabling them to realise their unlocked potential.

We understand what a big decision it is to change your child’s school and we know we are often the last option for parents on their journey. We are here to work with you and your child to manage this process, navigate the transition and set them on the path to fulfilling and successful learning.


    Parent satisfaction and enthusiasm is 95% (70% higher than similar schools)

    MTM Report

    Assessment Centre

    Our expert assessment clinic helps to identify the areas where support is needed. Our admissions department then determines if the school is right for your child and if not, what other options are available.

    At Fairley House we offer a “magic” formula that helps children discover their passions and achieve success. We make success possible and restore pupils’ self-belief to achieve it.


      Pupils respond well to the school’s specialist teaching and therapy, overcoming barriers presented by their SpLD and consequently achieve above previous expectations … Many go on to gain A levels, first and post-graduate degrees.

      ISI Report 2021

      Fairley House is a mainstream-style SpLD school which aims to see many children return to mainstream education in 2-3 years.

      Where this is no possible we offer a tailored GCSE programme, making the attainment of GCSEs a realistic option for many children.

      Tammy’s Story

      Tammy is now in year 12, the first year of her A levels.  She is currently doing Health and Social Care Cambridge Technical and Psychology A Level and has her heart set on pursuing a degree in child nursing, with a view to being a paediatric nurse.

      Tammy looks back on her time at Fairley House with immense fondness and talks about how she still uses the strategies that she was taught in the Junior Department.  For us it is the incredible confidence (which is a word that many people use for Tammy), which we firmly believe was engendered and fostered during her time at Fairley House.

      Tammy arrived at Lambeth Road, a scared thumb-sucking, reluctant learner who could barely write a sentence. 

      Within a term at Fairley House she emerged as the proud winner of the Headmistress Cup.

      Tammy reflects, “To this day, I still believe that you sprinkle magic dust over the children when they arrive at Fairley House because, for the life of me, I cannot begin to understand how you managed that transformation!”

      It is a pleasure to see what you are achieving Tammy!

      Our School

      London’s leading day school for children with specific learning differences

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