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We offer a plethora of highly enjoyable and rewarding school trips around London and the rest of the UK.

Trips to places in London include artistic and cultural institutions to supplement the children’s learning, while residential trips help boost their teambuilding, physical abilities and self-reliance.   

They are an excellent place for pupils to extend their knowledge and soft skills outside of the classroom and exhibit important qualities like responsibility and collaboration.


A few recent school trips have been to Tolmers in Hertfordshire and Bendrigg in the Lake District as well as Shakespeare’s Globe on the South Bank and the Royal Air Force Museum in Edgware.

A pupil’s perspective on their trip to

Wisley in June 2023:


Where did you go?

We went to Wisley Gardens in Surrey.

Who went on the trip?

The whole Gardening Club which was Alicia, Amber, Anna, Ava, Iara, Thomas, Layla, Elizabeth, Sara, Ms Kelly and Ms Vergien.

What did you enjoy about it?

I enjoyed looking at the different flowers and hanging out with my friends.

What did you learn?

I learnt what some flowers were called. I also learned about growing vegetable and fruits.

Would you visit again?

I would visit this and many other gardens too. I recommend Gardening Club to everyone!




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