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Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education (PE) is a compulsory subject at Fairley House for every year group. Healthy bodies promote healthy minds, whilst the lessons themselves develop teamwork, cooperation, resilience, determination, loyalty and creativity.

Opportunities for physical challenge, analysis and evaluation of performance and the development of personal fitness levels feature strongly within PE. These activities provide students with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead healthy, active lifestyles at school and beyond. 

Sport is an important part of the curriculum, and a broad range of sports are pursued including Football, Netball, Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Swimming and Dance. There are numerous opportunities for extra-curricular activities, both during and after school. Fixtures against other schools, of all abilities, are held throughout the school year, to test their skills in healthy competition.  

During PE and games lessons, children may be supported by an occupational therapist to develop general body co-ordination, hand to eye co-ordination and gross motor skills. 

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