London’s leading day school for children with specific learning differences (SpLD)

Fairley House is the Gold Standard for Dyslexia


Children are happy at the school (many for the first time in education).


Parents are happy with the educational progress and their children’s increasing confidence


See the magic of Fairley House and we’ll show you how

all of a sudden………nothing is impossible

Welcome to Fairley House

Fairley House is London’s leading day school for children with specific learning differences (SpLD). We are proud to have transformed the lives of hundreds of children, and their families, since we opened our doors over four decades ago.

We specialise in the education of children who have difficulty with reading (dyslexia), movement and coordination (dyspraxia), numbers (dyscalculia), and writing (dysgraphia). These learning differences often co-occur and can present in different ways and severity.  

Our renowned teaching and deep expertise in the field of SpLD helps children to  progress and flourish so they have positive learning experiences in and out of the classroom and can realise their full potential. 

Since our foundation as the first dyslexia school in the country in 1982, our provision has grown significantly to now offer a first-class education across Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4, including our tailored GCSE programme.


Our Centre created the first nationally recognised Teaching Diploma in SpLD in partnership with University College London and continues to train the next generation of teachers and therapists. Our in-house Assessment Centre offers the full range of assessments that may be needed to analyse and understand your child’s needs.

We have a significant research and outreach programme to spread knowledge and best practice amongst other schools and institutions about how to best support children with SpLD.

So, we invite you to find out more about the wonderful place that is Fairley House and how we could help your child on their path to fulfilling and successful learning.


Inclusive, fun…all delivered by fabulous staff and a universally popular Head



Our ‘Magic’ Formula

At Fairley House, we have developed a formula that works time after time.

Your child needs to be happy at school and willing to learn, before our specialist teaching can work its magic. Children feel comfortable at Fairley House and immediately feel a sense of kinship by being with like-minded children.

Our flexible approach and small class sizes allow us to see each child as an individual, so we can tailor their learning experience. When one approach isn’t working, we change and adapt until we are able to achieve progress and remove their barriers to learning.

The provision of on-site Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) and an in-house Educational Psychologist (EP) is key, however it is our transdisciplinary approach which truly differentiates us from mainstream schools.

Our specialist teachers work together with subject teachers to implement multisensory teaching across subjects, applying our own formulated frameworks for everything from emotional regulation to memory.

We identify learning gaps to be plugged and regularly provide opportunities for re-learning. We understand not all brains are wired the same, so we adapt our teaching for the different neural pathways of each child. Importantly, we continually monitor and track progress to steer development and boost learning outcomes.

When we don’t find the right tools and methods, we develop our own! That pioneering spirit is what has kept Fairley House at the forefront of SpLD education.

We transform their learning

We commit to every student and their individual learning differences

We build their confidence

We develop the whole student to ignite their love of learning

We raise their ambitions

We know there are talents waiting to be revealed in every student


Without a doubt, the best SEN school in the world. After moving from Australia to the other side of the world to put our children in this school, Fairley House has transformed my two daughters into the most, mature, grounded, confident and happy girls that have both attained exceptional GCSEs and A-level results. Thank you Fairley House School.

Patrick, Former Parent

We are the lighthouse

Our school is underpinned by our pioneering Centre.

The recognition of specific learning differences (SpLD), such as dyslexia, only began in the 1980s. At this time Fairley House was founded to help teachers and therapists understand and teach differently, transforming the lives of children who were finding it difficult to keep up.

The Fairley House Centre enlightens, educates and empowers through assessments, research and training. A resource that is available for everyone, not just those lucky enough to work or study at Fairley House. Our goal is to discover, learn, evolve and share our knowledge for the benefit of children everywhere.


Fairley House remains one of the flagship schools with regard to successful support for pupils
with specific learning difficulties



Fairley House has an immeasurable impact on both the students and parents when they need it most.
Had it not been for our discovery of Fairley House, we would still be struggling with the lack of the right environment, approach and training. Simply, it saved our child’s life and they are now a confident student who enjoys school and has academic ambitions!

We will forever be grateful to Fairley House and its staff. Thank you.

Nick, Former Parent

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