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Our Magic Formula

We understand that first and foremost, your child needs to feel happy and secure before they can begin to embrace learning. An unhappy child will always struggle to learn. Many have had negative experiences and bullying at their previous schools resulting in a lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

Our relaxed atmosphere is warm, welcoming, supportive and friendly. Combined with the level-playing field, anxieties are lowered, confidence is boosted and learning can take place. We pride ourselves on how quickly new joiners are able to settle at Fairley House, make friends with their peers, become confident in their learning and highly motivated to succeed.

Don’t just take our word for it! Our ‘Excellent’ ISI Inspection report quoted parents who had seen “marked improvements in their children’s learning within a few weeks of joining the school” and pupils said that the school “had transformed their ability to study within a short time of starting”.



Pupils of all ages make excellent academic progress in relation to their individual starting points on admission to the school.

Pupils quickly make up for lost time in their academic development because the closely coordinated teaching, educational psychology and therapy team work very effectively. 


‘Excellent’ ISI Inspection Report, 2021

Our pastoral care, specialist teaching and one-on-one or small group sessions are all delivered under one roof and integrated through our transdisciplinary approach. 

Our magic formula for success is embedded in everything we do.  Our classrooms named after famous people with dyslexia, like Bill Gates and Alexander Graham Bell, give the students the power to believe in their own success and abilities. The restoration of each child’s confidence is a key part of our formula and critical to helping achieve successful learning outcomes. 


Our ‘Magic’ Formula

At Fairley House, we have developed a formula we know works.

Your child needs to be happy at school and willing to learn, before our specialist teaching can work its magic. Children feel comfortable at Fairley House and immediately feel a sense of kinship with like-minded children on a level playing field.

Our flexible approach and small class sizes allow us to see each child as an individual, so we can tailor their learning experience. When one approach isn’t working, we change and adapt until we are able to achieve progress and circumvent their barriers to learning.

The provision of on-site Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) and an in-house Educational Psychologist (EP) is key, however it is our transdisciplinary approach which truly differentiates us from mainstream schools.

Our specialist teachers work together with subject teachers to implement multisensory teaching across subjects, applying our own formulated frameworks for everything from emotional regulation to memory.

We identify learning gaps to be plugged and provide regular opportunities for re-learning. We understand not all brains are wired the same, so we adapt our teaching for the different neural pathways of each child. Importantly, we regularly monitor and track progress to continually steer development and boost learning outcomes.

When we don’t find the right tools and methods, we develop our own! This pioneering spirit and continuous evolution has kept us at the forefront of SpLD education.


When I first came to Fairley House, I was basically a rotten apple but after the first year I could already see how everyone in the school would change my life for the better. Throughout the years I can say with a smile on my face these were the best years of my life

Sebastian, Former Pupil

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