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Welcome to the Junior Department at Fairley House where our students in Years 2 – 7 are taught in a warm and supportive environment enabling them to truly flourish.

Our dedicated and experienced staff of teachers, SLTs and OTs provide all pupils the time and help they need to boost their confidence and enhance their knowledge across all subjects and areas of learning.

Unrivalled resources and pioneering techniques are part of the Fairley House magic formula which enable children to make rapid progress as soon as they walk through our doors.


Fairley House School does a phenomenal job with pastoral care… and the [children] quickly find themselves in a loving, warm, new home that understands and fosters their educational journey

Kristen, Current Parent

Early Intervention

If your child is falling behind in mainstream education and has assessed SpLD needs their prospects are best improved by enrolling in a specialist school as soon as possible.

In-class Support

Compared to mainstream providers Fairley House has one-on-one support within the classroom so students are not being taken out of class away from their peers

Word Study

Dyslexic learners typically need more than phonics when learning and understanding new words. Our word study classes include phonology which helps ingrain vocabulary

Features of the Junior Department

There is constant fun and learning going on at Lambeth Road but here is a snapshot of some of our regular highlights.

– A weekly school assembly where staff and pupils come together and ‘Stars of the Week’ are commended for their efforts along with best performing classes

– ‘Life badges’ where pupils work towards completing badges over the course of the year in activities like ‘The Great Outdoors’, ‘The Arts’ and ‘Helping Hands’

– Curriculum maps ensuring that all subject areas have a fantastic spread of activities and topics of interest, books and resources are carefully considered and technology and trips are integral

– Co-curricular opportunities including drama productions in the hall and sporting fixtures against other schools

– Inspiring clubs such as bouldering, calligraphy, coding and photography to encourage students to broaden their horizons and discover new talents

– Zones of regulation which is a bespoke tool to assist students in regulating their emotions when they encounter challenges or experience frustration 

    The Junior Department according to one of our Fairley House rabbits:


    Who are you?

    A rabbit. Obviously.

    OK…and what’s your name?

    I’m Louis and my hutch mates are called George and Charlotte

    That sounds familiar. Are you royalty?

    Let it be known that Prince William and Kate got the inspiration for their children’s names from us, not the other way round!

    Hmm…let’s agree to disagree. Do you enjoy state banquets of food?

    Well, to stay in tip-top shape (see picture) we pick the healthy option every time. Once a day we get fed rabbit food which is a mix of barley and other things, but we also love munching on kale for special occasions!

    What are your favourite things about living at Fairley House?

    It is a wonderful place to call home. The children are ever so friendly and gentle with us. They remember our names, our birthdays and we love seeing their happy faces every day! Now hop on your way!


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