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About Us

Welcome to Fairley House, the home of education for children with specific learning differences (SpLD). We are a Junior and Senior day school from Years 2-11 located across 2 sites in central London, focussing on transforming the lives of children who find it hard to keep up in mainstream schooling.

We were founded as the UK’s first dyslexia school in 1982 and continue to pioneer our teaching methods and techniques to be the leading day school for helping children with specific learning differences (SpLD) flourish at school and the rest of their lives.


I have known Fairley House School for many years. It’s a unique school designed to support and develop the skills of children with Specific Learning Differences (SpLD)…Life is not always easy as a young person with SpLD but in my experience, with good foundations in place, they have a chance to fulfil their potential.

Dr LINDSAY PEER MBE, Educational Psychologist

Word from the Head

If a child is struggling to keep up in a mainstream school, it can be daunting for a parent to know what to do and where to start. Children are fully aware and may feel stigmatised when they are withdrawn from class to receive extra help. Often, they are placed in lower sets and given easier work. There are few rewards, if any, and little recognition. They often give up. They experience a lack of confidence, low self-esteem and anxiety.

 While, for many parents, it is always an option to give the children extra support outside school, for some, we believe the solution is to give your child a level playing field. That is a school where all the children experience similar challenges. By succeeding, some for the first time in their schooling, children can rebuild their self-esteem and confidence. 

Our specialist teaching opens the gateway to learning, and our flexible, considered approach ensures no child is left behind. Our teachers and therapists work alongside one another and exchange knowledge, learning styles and information in a unique, transdisciplinary way. Our pastoral care and special atmosphere reduce students’ anxieties. This helps them to be motivated and push the boundaries of what they believe they are capable of.

It is our aim that most children return successfully to a mainstream environment and go on to further education. Even more importantly, is that they go on to lead happy, independent and successful lives in whatever shape or form success might be.

We alter the trajectory of children’s lives by helping students to:

  • unlock their talents
  • realise their potential
  • gain the skills which will future proof them for the rest of their lives

My colleagues and I look forward to working with you to find the best solution for your child.


Mr Michael C.N. Taylor



The best years of my life!

Fairley House School was always like a second home to me, I’ve never felt more supported and confident as I did when I was there.

Jamie, Former Pupil

Our History

We were the first specialist school of our kind in the country when we were founded by speech and language therapist Daphne Hamilton-Fairley in 1982 and we haven’t looked back since…. 

1982 – Fairley House School is officially founded with a site at Prince’s Gate in Knightsbridge with 5 pupils enrolled.  

1988 – The school, now 65 pupils strong, moves to Bark Place in Notting Hill where space is shared with a synagogue meaning classes finish early on Fridays!  

1996 – The school moves to 30 Causton Street in Pimlico 

1997 – Jackie Murray takes over the running of Fairley House from Patience Thompson 

2005 – The school site is split for the first time as ex-foundling hospital 220 Lambeth Road is bought

2006 – Our teacher training centre is setup for all staff and broadens to training non-FHS teachers a year later

2010 – Burgeoning pupil numbers necessitate the purchase of 218 Lambeth Road and leasing of 36 Causton Street to boost the space and facilities on offer to the children

2013 – Our present head Michael Taylor joins Fairley House as Jackie Murray establishes our on-site Assessment Centre 

2014 – FHS expand our offering to Key Stage 4 enabling our children to stay beyond Year 9 and take GCSEs across a wide variety of subjects at the end of Year 11 

Our School

London’s leading day school for children with specific learning differences

Get in Touch

30 Causton Street

Call:  020 7976 5456
Email: info@fairleyhouse.org.uk