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Art KS4

Art and Design

Key Stage 4


Year 9 GCSE Options Choices


In Year 8 students will get the choice as to whether they want to continue with Art or Design in Year 9.  We currently offer the following courses: NCFE LEVEL 1 or Level 2 CERTIFICATE IN ART AND DESIGN



All the projects will give students the opportunity to build on their own strengths and to try out different materials. Students are introduced to a variety of experiences exploring a wide range of mediums, techniques and processes, including both traditional and new technologies. Themes this year have included ‘Still Life and Natural Forms’ and ‘Reinventing bookends’. All students gather information about the theme, completing sketches, initial ideas and designs. This research could then be developed through a variety of different media, including drawing, painting, print-making, photography and three dimensional work. Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas, producing many different outcomes.

Throughout the course, visits will be made to galleries, and visiting artists will deliver bespoke workshops.  Students will be taught elements of art history and will be expected to complete critical study pages. 100 per cent of this qualification focuses on the development of the formal elements, skills and knowledge to support progression within art and design.




This qualification is designed for students who wish to explore Art and Design concepts and materials.  This qualification aims to:

•Allow students to explore ideas and techniques and use visual language in a chosen art an d design medium

•Allow students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the design process and apply this to a design project 

•Provide students with the opportunity for personal development

The objective of this qualification are to help students to:

•Use raw materials, tools and equipment safely and competently

•Research and experiment with techniques, materials and tools to develop ideas for experimental pieces

•Progress these ideas and produce own work 

•Evaluate own work, ideas and learning through the design process 

•Prepare for further study 

To be awarded the NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Art and Design, students are required to successfully complete 2 mandatory units and 2 optional units. 

This qualification consists of 2 mandatory units: 

•Unit 01 Experiment with art and design ideas and techniques

•Unit 02 Complete a final art and design project 


and 4 optional units:


•Unit 03 Create art and design work using 2-dimensional techniques

•Unit 04 Create art and design work using 3-dimensional techniques

•Unit 05 Create art and design work using mixed media techniques 

•Unit 06 Create art and design work using digital media


To achieve the NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Art and Design, students must successfully demonstrate their achievement of all learning outcomes and assessment criteria of the units


NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Art and Design


The qualification provides students with underpinning knowledge of the art and design process which gives students the basis for progression onto further study. The aim of this qualification is to provide you with an underpinning knowledge and the opportunity to develop skills in art and design techniques. Students will develop r skills and techniques and use visual language and formal elements in art and design. Students will extend their knowledge and understanding of the design process and the health and safety issues within art and design. This qualification was developed in partnership with industry experts within the Art and Design sector and will provide students with a nationally recognised qualification in art and design.

During this qualification you’ll develop your analytical and research skills, be able to develop ideas and learning through the design process, and evaluate your own work.

Mandatory units

This qualification consists of 3 mandatory units:

•Unit 01 Investigate sources of ideas in art and design


•Unit 02 Explore the use of art and design materials,

•techniques and visual language 

•Unit 03 Produce final art and design work 

Students will plan and prepare for the production of your final work, using their developed ideas. Students will produce this work using materials and techniques competently and using visual language effectively. On completion of work students will evaluate it in the context of what they have learnt and how their ideas have developed.

Optional units

To support the knowledge and skills gained in the mandatory units

2 optional units:

•Unit 04 Working in the art and design industry 

•Unit 05 Building an art and design portfolio 

•Unit 06 3D visual communication 

•Unit 07 2D visual communication 

The units give students the opportunity to gain an insight into working in the industry and to build a portfolio with 2D and 3D visual communication.


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