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Key Stage 4 at Fairley House

Fairley House School provides specialist support to students all the way until the end of Year 11.  This is particularly beneficial for those finding transition challenging who will continue to benefit from specialist teaching and integrated therapy.  We have a strong focus on the core subjects of English and Mathematics, allowing additional time to cover these areas.  The core subjects will be balanced with a variety of other subjects which will vary from year to year depending upon interest and demand.

Key Stage 4 options

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Speech and language therapy and occupational therapy will be integrated as far as possible into the lessons, with 1:1 sessions occurring depending on individual needs.  This approach will enhance access to the KS4 curriculum and enable skills to be developed in context.  Therapists advise and collaborate with specialist teaching staff to support the holistic needs of the learners.

Access Arrangements

As a specialist school, we recognise that many students will find national examinations challenging to access.  Within the school, staff are trained to apply for access arrangements for individual students.  This will vary depending upon the needs of the individual and should enable the examinations to be completed with some of the additional anxiety removed. Once access arrangements have been granted students are actively encouraged to practice using these with both staff and parents. 

Pastoral Care

Tutor Groups

KS4 will continue to be registered within tutor groups and their form tutor will offer pastoral support.  This will include helping them manage their new timetables, taking appropriate work and resources to lessons and acting as a liaison between home and school.

Personal Tutors

In addition to the form tutor, Year 10 and Year 11 students will have access to academic tutors who will help them organise and manage their work.  This will take place from 3.30pm - 4.30pm,  Monday-Thursday in the extended school day. This valuable time will allow students to clarify the work which needs to be completed, prioritise by deadline and task, and complete some activities with support.  Within these sessions, study skills will be developed across all subjects.

Homework and Independent Study

Students are expected to complete homework on a regular basis in conjunction with the GCSE syllabus,  extended independent study will be required in school and at home in order to reach their academic potential.