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Maths classes are taught daily in small, ability-based groups by specialist teachers. 

Teachers use both summative and formative assessment information to create medium term plans that are specific to the group’s needs. They identify gaps in previous learning, work to fill these gaps and help the children develop a more secure understanding of topics. Children work at their ability-based level, rather than chronological age expectations, but teachers will ensure that they are exposed to concepts in line with their age when applicable.

At Fairley House we follow the National Curriculum and children work through the following topics in a cyclical manner, completing each topic more than once per year:

Number and place value 

Number – addition and subtraction 

Number – multiplication and division 

Number – fractions, decimals and percentages  


Geometry – properties of shape 

Geometry – position and direction 


Our lessons are planned and taught using transdisciplinary teaching, which includes direct or indirect support from occupational therapists and speech and language therapists. Direct support often takes the form of speech and language therapists leading vocabulary-based starter activities to help children develop a secure understanding of mathematical language, and occupational therapists working with teachers to improve skills such as using measuring equipment, plotting graphs and spatial awareness, which are all important for maths learning. In the Junior Department, occupational therapists are involved with the delivery of Motor Maths. Motor Maths takes place in the gym using a range of occupational therapy and PE equipment. It allows children to use their bodies whilst learning a maths concept and in doing so, they develop a greater number of memory hooks to help them retain and recall that knowledge.

Teachers plan lessons that allow children to build up their learning in small steps, with many opportunities for revision. Lessons are delivered using multisensory methods and many visual and practical supports. 


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