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Design and Technology

Design Technology is a popular subject, which allows students to utilise a range of skills, preparing them to participate in today’s and tomorrow’s workforce. Students use both traditional hand tools and computer based equipment, and they build their skills, confidence and independence through successful completion of a range of increasingly complex projects, as they progress through the year groups.

Students have the chance to enjoy working with traditional materials such as wood, metals and plastics, as well as studying electrical control, mechanics and structures, with increasing opportunities to experiment with smart materials.

In the Senior Department, we have CAD/CAM hardware 40W laser cutter and Ultimaker2 3D printer. Students have Sketchup Pro installed on their laptops and surfaces. The emphasis is on a hands-on approach, encouraging children to seek creative solutions, whilst developing practical and problem-solving skills.

At all ages, students learn to analyse existing products, to understand consumers’ needs and to study contemporary designs. This all helps to develop an understanding of the constructed world and possible future employment opportunities. 

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