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Performing Arts

Performing Arts

All children at Fairley House have weekly Music and Drama lessons. The approach is multisensory and the aim is to instil a sense of enjoyment in both of these subjects. Children are given the freedom to express their creativity in fun and imaginative ways, through the medium of song, dance and performance. 

During lessons, children develop a practical understanding of both Music and Drama, as well as exploring the many skills needed to be a good musician or actor. These include good co-ordination, quick reactions and good listening skills. They are also encouraged to work together as a team, which builds confidence, concentration and social awareness.

As well as being enjoyable, regular singing practice can help with the development of breath control, voice projection, communication skills and teamwork. Dance also has many benefits for our children, as it involves listening to music, learning steps and routines and training the mind to remember them. Dancing regularly can improve a child’s flexibility, their physical strength and stamina and even their range of motion. The repetitive nature of dance, doing the same steps or moves repeatedly, increases muscle tone, coordination and balance. Most of all, it is a very enjoyable way to express creativity.  

Each year, pupils in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 give performances to the rest of the school and parents. This often includes work they have created and developed themselves. Pupils feel an incredible sense of achievement and pride after performing and this really helps to boost confidence and self-esteem. In the Junior School, Year 5 take part in a yearly ‘Talent Show’ and the winners feel honoured to perform to the audience at Prizegiving.

Fairley House offers extra-curricular music sessions.  As well as break-time music clubs, we have peripatetic music teachers who currently offer guitar and drumming lessons. Our excellent location in central London means that we have a wealth of culture to enjoy and learn from on our doorstep. Trips to nearby attractions such as Shakespeare’s Globe and other theatres are organised on a regular basis.  We have also hosted educational workshops on both school sites. 

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 Instrumental lessons

Children can learn many instruments, including the drums, guitar (acoustic and electric), flute, clarinet, saxophone, recorder, voice, piano and violin. Performances are encouraged in assemblies and at Prize Giving at the end of each term.