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Pastoral Care

Safe & Secure Environment
Fairley House provides a safe, secure, supportive and nurturing environment for pupils. Many of our pupils arrive with low
self-esteem due to having failed at their previous schools.
For many of them, it is the first time they will have been in an environment which provides a level playing field, with children who have similar learning difficulties. Our ethos is to provide an environment in which children thrive emotionally and develop academically, in order to meet the joys and challenges of life ahead.
Tutor Groups
All pupils at Fairley House are placed in small tutor groups where they go for registration and keep personal belongings. Their form tutor forms a close relationship with them and supports them with organisation and peer relationships. Pupils are supported by other teachers, instructors and play supervisors during break times. Any pupils encountering difficulties playing or interacting with others are identified and provided with support from form tutors or therapists.
Home/School Diaries
Communication with parents takes place via a home/school diary. Children’s diaries are signed each morning by form tutors. Any staff working with a pupil can also make comments in diaries and record credits and debits given to the pupil. Parents and staff are also encouraged to communicate via email and telephone.

Termly meetings with parents provide a platform for face to face discussion. In addition, pupils are met at the school entrance each day by a senior member of staff and this provides an opportunity for face-to-face communication between parents and the school.
Ability Grouped Lessons
Pupils are grouped for English and Maths lessons according to their ability and are given work that is matched to their academic needs and skills. Teaching for all other subjects is done in tutor groups. Teaching is tailored to the learning styles of our pupils, with an emphasis on multi-sensory approaches. This has been found to contribute to marked increases in self-esteem and attitudes to learning.
PSHEE and Circle Time
PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economics Education) is another platform for pastoral care. During PSHEE lessons, topics such as making and keeping friends, coping with change, healthy lifestyles and learning strategies are discussed and new skills learnt. Circle Time is built into PSHEE and provides a safe and structured opportunity for children to raise any issues that concern them at school.
While form tutors are responsible for pastoral care of pupils in their tutor group, occasionally there is a need for a personal mentor, for a child needing extra support around school.

This is normally a staff member whom a child knows already. Pupils will meet with their mentors on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis to discuss issues, goals and progress.