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Supporting Fairley House

Fairley House is 30 years old this year. Set up in 1982 by pioneer Daphne Hamilton Fairley, as a memorial to her husband, Gordon Hamilton Fairley, the school has transformed the lives of over 1000 children.  Over 30 years the school’s reputation has gone from strength to strength. Inspection in 2010 concluded that the school was outstanding, saying “in relation to pupils’ specific learning difficulties they make outstanding progress in literacy.

Although many pupils enter the school having experienced failure, and with a poor attitude, this is transformed in to a positive approach and a determination to succeed. They discover the joy of learning. The strong set of basic skills which they acquire lays a firm foundation for the future”. AA Gill in a Sunday Times article referred to the school as ‘the gold standard’ in dyslexia. We know that what we do works.

Every term we take in children who feel stupid, whose confidence is rock bottom and who do not have the skills to succeed in ordinary schools. Every year we return 50 children to mainstream schooling after an average stay of 2 to 3 years with skills, strategies and a can do attitude. Those children go on to achieve excellent GCSEs, A Levels and degrees. 

The fees at Fairley House are high. Justifiably so because of the quality of provision, with a staff: pupil ratio of 1:3.5 with high levels of therapy and every teacher trained to be a specialist. 75% of our 180 pupils are funded by their families who manage to afford the fees, some at considerable sacrifice. 25% are funded by local authorities through the statementing process if pupils’ attainments fall in the bottom one or two per cent. We are talking about children whose reading might be 4 or 5 years behind their actual age, depending on how old they are. However, I think wistfully of the missing children, those whose attainments fall in the bottom 10% who are ‘only’ 2 or 3 years behind when they are 2 years away from secondary education at 9, and so won’t get a statement and whose families cannot pay the fees no matter how much they sacrifice or struggle. How wasted will their secondary education be when they cannot read the books or the worksheets or the board or put their ideas on paper? How under confident, even stupid, will they feel as they take the big step of moving from primary to secondary school?

Fairley House would like to be able to offer bursaries to children from 9 years to 11 years old, children whose schools have proved that they can’t teach them to read and write fluently but know that they won’t get a statement for them because they are ‘not bad enough’. Children whose parents despair of ever being able to find the help they know their child needs. Fairley House could transform their experience of secondary education in the same way it has a thousand others. It could open up their life chances by teaching them to read and write, to be confident and to see their dyslexia as a gift instead of a curse.

If you feel a connection with Fairley House and understand the magical and transforming effect it can have on a child’s future, perhaps you would like to make a donation towards the bursary fund and to help to send a child who should be here but is missing.

Charitable Status

Fairley House is a recognised UK charity, registered number 281680. The Board of Governors is made up of former parents and education experts. They agree school policy; support the school’s vision for the future. Contributions to Fairley House may provide tax benefits to UK taxpayers.


Gift Aid

Gift Aid is the UK government’s program to encourage gifts to charities.  Any UK taxpayer making a donation to Fairley House will see his/her donation increase by 28% by signing a Gift Aid declaration


Corporate Support

Does the company you work for have a fund matching policy- some companies will match up to 100% of your donation. Corporate support can make a significant difference to Fairley House



Please make your contribution to Fairley House School and forward this to the Bursar, Fairley House, 30 Causton Street, London SW1P 4AU. Gift Aid forms are available from the office sf@fairleyhouse.org.uk or 0207 976 5456


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