OCR level 7 Diploma 2018/19

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OCR level 7 Diploma in Teaching and Assessing Learners with Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties


Fairley House School (FHS) in cooperation with Partners in Education (PIE) have offered the OCR Certificate and Diploma in teaching learners with specific learning difficulties from January 2006 at Fairley House School. From January 2013 it has offered Level 7 and the next course will begin in September 2018.

This qualification is designed to provide a route for continual professional development for teachers/trainers who have responsibility for specific learning difficulties (SpLD) across a whole age phase/centre and are involved with advising and supporting classroom teachers. You will also be in a position to assess and diagnose for SpLD dyslexia and to assess and advice for Access Arrangements in formal examinations.

The OCR Level 7 course, which will be run over 3 terms starting in September 2018 and going through until July 2019. You will attend some face to face workshops and seminars on Tuesday evenings at 4.30pm and there will be online lectures.  Each candidate will be assigned a tutor who will support and mark your work. 

This course is research based and you will be expected to read widely around the subject. Your reading will support your final extended essay.


Brief Course Outline


Autumn 2018

  Psychometric Testing: You will be introduced to the statistical side of testing and to tests that will assess a student at the underlying ability, cognitive and attainment levels.

  Assignment requirements: Essay of approximately 3000 words


Spring Term 2019

  Teaching Practice: You will teach a learner for 12 hours who has literacy difficulties accompanied by a co-morbidity OR a student who is in a different Key Stage to the Key Stages you taught on your Level 5 OCR course.

  15 minute presentation related to the co-morbidity/phase of education of your teaching practice student

  Completion of Teaching Practice

  Access Arrangements: testing, reporting


Summer Term 2019

  Diagnostic Assessment

  Extended Essay of 5000 words.

The course has been designed so that teachers are able to access it alongside their school commitments. The full day workshops will be practical in that you will use and try out assessments, discuss SpLD profiles, share teaching ideas and look at current research. You will also be invited to attend the Fairley House School professional lecture evenings (one per term).

You will have access to a computer software program where all the lectures will be released and stored, videos uploaded and your course work marked.

There will be strict guidelines for assignment completion dates to ensure you stay on track.


Why study with us?


Fairley House is a school for children with specific learning difficulties and has been offering OCR dyslexia training for 10 years.


Our lecturers and tutors all have a vast amount of knowledge in the area of teaching dyslexia and co-occurring difficulties. Our teams, consists of an Educational Psychologist, specialist teachers, Speech and Language therapists and Occupational Therapists ensuring that a holistic approach to dyslexia and the difficulties that students encounter.  In addition, the team are able to also invite experienced members of the school teaching staff to share their competence with the students.


We operate under the supervision and guidance of Partners in Education.


Who is it for?


The target group is likely to include:


      Specialist and Advisory teachers

      SENCOs/Learning Support tutors and managers.

      Speech and Language therapists and other professionals working in an educational setting.

      This qualification is designed to meet the needs of qualified teachers who will not only teach learners who have specific learning needs but also provide formal diagnostic assessment reports based on the use of standardised assessment tests. They have a broader role, which involves providing advice to others with regard to appropriate teaching programmes for the individuals they have assessed.


Candidates should possess an appropriate level of learning support experience, and should have unrestricted access to appropriate teaching and assessment practice. They should also have completed the Level 5 OCR diploma course.


What skills will I develop?


The aim of the qualification is to:-


      Develop candidate's ability to identify and assess the needs of learners with specific learning difficulties, using observation and evidence based assessment and standard tests.


      Develop candidate's ability to write assessment report and teaching programmes to inform and advise other professionals on learners with specific learning needs.


      Write assessment reports to advise external bodies (e.g. awarding bodies and LEAs) with regard to learners’ specific assessment needs.


      Assess for Access Arrangements for public examinations


      Develop candidate’s professional values and commitment to professional standards.


      Develop candidate’s understanding of a range of specific learning difficulties affecting learning and cognition.


      Develop candidate’s ability to plan, deliver, review and evaluate effective teaching programmes for learners with specific learning difficulties, both in individual and small group settings.


      Plan, deliver and evaluate programmes which include both literacy and numeracy, and understand how difficulties with language and literacy will affect the development of numeracy skills.


      Develop candidate’s ability to work with others in supporting learners with specific learning difficulties.


      Develop candidate’s theoretical understanding of specific learning difficulties with reference to international research.


How much does it cost?


The cost including OCR exam fees is £5000.00. This qualification is regulated in the Qualifications and Credit Framework and maybe fundable on individual application to the TDA.


Where can I go after this qualification?


This qualification is high quality and nationally recognised. It is vocationally related and credit based. These credits provide progression to higher qualifications such as M.Eds.


Candidates will also be able to progress to job roles which require the ability to:-


·        Carry out diagnostic assessments for specific learning difficulties (dyslexia) and write assessment report on learner’s educational needs, to inform LEAs, other


·        Professionals, learners and parents/carers.


·        Carry out assessments and write reports on learners’ special educational needs schools, colleges, LEA’s and awarding bodies.


·        Take an advisory role with regard to formulating and implementing school/college policies for both inclusion and effective teaching of learners with specific learning difficulties.




More information about the qualification content is available on the OCR website www.ocr.org.uk.


For an application form please email the Registrar, Patricia Snowdon ps@fairleyhouse.org.uk or telephone 0207 976 5456.



The course entry code is 10219