Success Stories

The approach adopted at Fairley House is to put the needs of each individual child at the heart of the learning process, and to ensure that the education delivered is appropriate to achieve progress and success.

At Fairley House our aim is for our pupils to return to mainstream education with the confidence and competence to succeed in their chosen field of study.

Zachary obtained four As at GCSE in Science, ICT, Business Studies and Art.  He also gained five Bs in English Language, English Literature, Maths, History and Additional Science.  His mother says, “At the age of eight my son could not read – Fairley House opened the door to his potential and gave him the tools to access literacy and education.  Without Fairley House my son’s future would have been very different.  His great GCSE grades are a testament to their dedication and Zachary and I are forever grateful to the wonderful staff at Fairley House.  I just wish all children with dyslexia could be given this opportunity to fully develop their potential”.  (FHS 2001 – 2004)

Louis, 18, recently achieved three As at A-Level in History, English and Philosophy and is now reading War Studies and Philosophy at Kings College, London.  His father says, “Without Fairley House, it would have been impossible”. (FHS 1998 – 2001)

Ryan gained one A* for Sports Studies, five As for English Language, English Literature, Double Science and Geography and two Bs for Maths and Music at GCSE. His mother says, “Fairley House gave him the confidence to believe in himself and got him back on track.  His success at GCSE level was more than we had ever dreamed of”.  (FHS 2003 – 2004)

Alasdair passed his GCSEs with five As, 2Bs and a C.  His mother says, “The care and attention given to our son’s specific educational needs gave him the boost he needed to approach senior school with confidence". (FHS 2001 – 2004)

Thomas is now at Millfield and here are extracts from a recent letter:  “The impact that attendance at Fairley House has had on Thomas was transformational.  He arrived as a shy, insecure and uneasy learner and has left as a bright, confident young man with an appetite for knowledge.  I cannot think of a day when he did not awake happy at the prospect of going to school and indeed I recall with some degree of bemusement approaching the end of one summer holiday for him to express with delight the fact that he was returning to Fairley House.  My wife and I feel that we have been privileged to send our son to your school.  I think it is the caring attitude and outstanding professionalism of the members of staff at the school that differentiates Fairley House from any other educational establishment”. (FHS 2006 – 2009)

Nicholas gained eight GCSEs including three A*s and he went on to pass three A Levels with A grades.  He was then awarded a 2.1 in English Literature at Sussex University which was followed by a Masters in Management at City University where he gained a Distinction.  Nicholas is now studying to be a chartered accountant and his mother says, “Fairley House turned him round”. (FHS 1989 – 1992)