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At Fairley House, science lessons incorporate auditory, visual and kinaesthetic approaches to further learning. Science is a subject that lends itself well to a multi-sensory approach.  In order to address both the breadth of ability and prior learning experiences of our pupils, activities within lessons are differentiated.  Learning styles are supported by a range of teaching methods and strategies to develop understanding of scientific language and concepts.

“The care and attention given to our son’s specific educational needs gave him the boost he needed to approach senior school with confidence.”

Alasdair passed his GCSEs with five As, 2Bs and a C

London's leading day school for specific learning difficulties

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Pupils learn that many great scientists overcame problems with their literacy skills to become successful in their chosen specialist fields.  They also learn that scientists use a variety of means to investigate, record and demonstrate their ideas to others.  Pupils are provided with a varying degree of support during investigative work.  They are also taught to use and apply their understanding of key scientific ideas independently or in collaboration with others.

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