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History fires pupils' curiosity about past events, societies and people.

At Fairley House, History is about people, important events and developments from recent and more distant times in the locality, in Britain and in other parts of the world.

Key Stage 2 pupils study the way of life, beliefs and achievements of the people living in Ancient Greece and the influence of their civilisation on the world today.  Pupils also learn about Tudor monarchs, who shaped this period and of the everyday lives of men, women and children from different sections of society.  Pupils also find out about the effects of the Second World War on children in their local area, nationally and internationally.  They learn about the Blitz, rationing and key battles.

“The care and attention given to our son’s specific educational needs gave him the boost he needed to approach senior school with confidence.”

Alasdair passed his GCSEs with five As, 2Bs and a C

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Historical visits include a trip to the Imperial War Museum and a night spent on board HMS Belfast and the Golden Hinde. Year 5 pupils learn about the Victorians and take part in a Victorian schooldays drama workshop.  Facts about the Tudors and Henry the VIII come alive during our visit to Hampton Court Palace.  Teaching in History uses a range of learning experiences: it is multi-sensory, lively and engaging.  Teaching strategies include whole class teaching, group and paired work, independent project work, music, drama, art and craftwork.

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