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Geography is a fantastic subject, opening up the awe and wonder of the world around us.  Students are invited to engage with their learning by linking Geography to the news and current affairs as well as through project work.  At Fairley House the geography curriculum is adapted to the pupils while following, as closely as possible, the National Curriculum.  

Within Geography, pupils are encouraged to develop a range of skills beneficial to them across the curriculum.  These include:

  • Map and atlas skills
  • Map reading
  • Interpreting data from diagrams and graphs
  • Using aerial photography
  • Literacy skills, including learning new vocabulary
  • Presentation skills
  • ICT skills

“Fairley House gave Ryan the confidence to believe in himself and got him back on track. His success at GCSE level was more than we had ever dreamed of with one A*, five As and two Bs”.

Fairley House got Ryan back on track

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The units covered are taught in multisensory ways, and include input from Speech and Language therapists and Occupational therapists.  When approaching a topic the sights, sounds, emotions
and feelings are all taken into account to help make learning more meaningful and memorable.  Learning new vocabulary within a subject can be more challenging for dyslexic students and, as such, this is taught explicitly, linking words to other known words and repeating them to help embed learning.  

Fieldwork is a key element of Geography and trips which are linked to, and enhance classwork, take place throughout the year. 

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