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English has a high priority in our curriculum. All children are taught in small ability groups so individual needs can be carefully addressed.

Spelling is taught through carefully structured multi-sensory activities following the FHS Spelling Scheme. 

Spelling lessons are designed to be interesting,  enjoyable and memorable for all children and incorporate activities that allow pupils to use visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic approaches to learning. However, we regard spelling to be only one aspect of the writing and composition process and the children also experience a wealth of writing opportunities through which they develop their wider literacy skills.


“The care and attention given to our son’s specific educational needs gave him the boost he needed to approach senior school with confidence.”

Alasdair passed his GCSEs with five As, 2B’s and a C

London's leading day school for specific learning difficulties

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Reading Time

Time is set aside each day specifically to teach reading. We use a phonic-based teaching approach in conjunction with developing recognition of sight words and with reading strategies such as using context. Occupational Therapists or Speech and Language Therapists are able to offer advice and strategies to teacher’s working with children with particular visual, language or phonological difficulties. Therapists also have their own reading and spelling groups.

Reading is an area of major importance at Fairley House. After assessment, each pupil is placed in a group appropriate to their stage of development. Pupils will work with the same teacher and group every day. Our approach to developing reading accuracy and comprehension is multi-sensory, structured and integrated. Each child’s reading profile is unique and children will progress at different rates. We aim to develop confidence and the competence to access the wider curriculum in an enjoyable and productive way.

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